The MSC Story

Dan Seiffer photoWhile working in middle and upper management at a large corporation in a career I felt was going nowhere, I made a decision to start buying rental properties with the bonuses that I was receiving. As a potential investor, I needed to know what the hot rental areas were, and I had a lot of questions…where could I get the best rental property for the money and what were properties renting for in that area? How much could I increase the rent if I added a bedroom and how much would it cost to add that bedroom? What improvements would I need to make to get the property rented quickly and for top dollar? And so on. Most agents I had spoken with seemed to be generally good at finding decent rental properties in OK locations, but most appeared to lack the knowledge and confidence that I was looking for in guiding me through this new endeavor. I needed a professional who truly understood this part of real estate sales. I happened to be talking to a colleague at work one day about my plans and was referred to an agent by the name of RaNae Rodriguez. I contacted her, we met, discussed my plans, and requirements. She had the knowledge, insight, and confidence I had been looking for. So with her help, I began purchasing properties and building my real estate portfolio with tremendous success.

As time passed, I began to have interest in the property management business mainly because of my personal dealings with property management companies in regards to my rental properties. I experienced delays getting my monthly rent, poor tenant screening, sloppy accounting, horrible communication, maintenance workers that left much to be desired, theft, and the list goes on. I also found that often times, because these property managers had little knowledge of construction and maintenance related issues, there was money being spent unnecessarily. They either sent the wrong repair person out to do the repair or, too often, they had to send someone out to diagnose the problem before scheduling the repair. Either way, I paid for it. With my construction background, I knew what it took to do the improvements and repairs so I sought out contractors to complete the work needed, to add value to my properties and work efficiently to minimize cost and maximize my return.  

Throughout those early years of my real estate investing career, I had spent a lot of time interviewing realtors, property managers, and contractors, only to be followed up by the inconvenience and inefficiency of trying to coordinate all of them to get me the answers that I needed. In the back of my mind I always thought there had to be a better way. What if there was an alternative to what traditional real estate and property management firms offer? A one stop shop where you truly had experts in all aspect of real estate! Sales, Investments, Property Management, Maintenance and Remodeling. A place that could handle ALL needs and offer the BEST service to clients. In 2009 I answered that question and formed MSC Real Estate Advisors. RaNae left the Real Estate firm where she was working to run the sales and investing side of the business, I operated the property management, remodeling, and maintenance side of the business and was able to put real estate brokerage, property management, and maintenance and remodeling services under one roof for our customers.

We do it better because we understand your goals and we have the experience and services to meet your needs. Pick one of our services or pick them all, it’s your choice!