Service Rates


Effective February 1, 2023

MSC Real Estate Advisors provides professional property maintenance services to maintain and make repairs to your property to ensure it remains in a useful and safe condition. MSC Real Estate Advisors and the contractors that we work with are licensed and insured and all work is guaranteed. Rates for maintenance services are as follows:

General Maintenance Services

Examples: general repairs, remove trash, etc.

$75-$95/HR + supplies*

Specialty Maintenance Services

Examples: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.

Invoice cost + Markups*


Any supplies needed for a repair will be billed at cost. Supplies are not marked up.

*Maintenance services are provided by MSC Real Estate Advisors and its affiliates and/or contractors and may include markups of fees charged. These amounts will vary depending on the types of services provided, level of difficulty and the time involved. Markups range from 0 – 20%. Markups not to exceed 20%.

Clients are under no obligation to use MSC Real Estate Advisor’s maintenance services. Please contact us if you would like us to use your contractors for maintenance. If you choose not to use our maintenance services, please be aware that…

  • MSC Real Estate Advisors may not be able to use your contractor in the event of an emergency and may use an alternate contractor solely for the purpose of ameliorating the urgent nature of the emergency.
  • MSC Real Estate Advisors will charge $100/HR billed to the quarter hour for administration work associated with these contractors.
  • MSC Real Estate Advisors will not be liable for or guarantee the work of these contractors.
  • The client will be responsible for resolving any problems and making the arrangements for additional repairs should they be necessary.
  • The client will have to make payment arrangements in advance to these contractors.

 Remodeling and project management: The above service rates refer specifically to maintenance work which is defined as maintaining and making repairs to your property to ensure it remains in a useful and safe condition. MSC Real Estate Advisors also performs remodeling and project management services to improve your property. Some examples include remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, replacing an old fence, or painting the home’s exterior. For these services MSC Real Estate Advisors will provide an estimate and we will agree to terms before any work is started. Please give us a call or press the button below to submit a request. We look forward to your next project!