MSC Real Estate Advisors (MSC) serves the residential real estate community in the areas of buying and selling, property management, and maintenance and remodeling. Traditionally, gaining access to all of these services meant hiring two or three different companies. This would undoubtedly lead to miscommunication, misinformation, and missed opportunities. So, in 2009, MSC decided to disrupt the traditional business models by offering all of these services under one roof.

We offer more than what a typical real estate agent or brokerage can provide. We assist in areas where most residential property management companies fall short. And, we take care of maintenance and remodeling more responsibly than most stand-alone operations. Our combined offerings provide residential property owners, conservators, and investors across the Denver metro area with peace of mind, knowing that MSC is handling all of their needs efficiently and responsibly.

We realize that some of our clients don’t have a need for our full suite of offerings. Rest assured, we go above and beyond for them as well…from assisting with the purchase of a home to handling the management of dozens of established rental properties.

To put it simply… we make your life easier.