Real Estate Investor

MSC Advisors


A real estate investor who regularly buys rental properties was having trouble finding dependable advice on the Colorado market. He knows better than most that buying the wrong property in the wrong location can cost a lot of money.


He learned about MSC and began using our consulting services. He says he’s come to appreciate and trust MSC’s guidance and advice because our advisors have a proven history of understanding the finer details of the constantly-changing rental market in Colorado. MSC appreciates his trust and works closely with him to help him find the right properties, to negotiate on his behalf and to follow all purchases carefully and competently through to closing. He’s also come to depend on MSC’s other services, including maintenance and remodeling work to prepare his properties for rent. What’s more, he’s hired MSC to handle all of the leasing and ongoing property management specifics like marketing and rental details, along with the monthly maintenance and rent collection.

He’s come to see MSC for the one-stop shop it has become in the Colorado real estate market. A place where he can get what he needs, when he needs it—all with the comfort of knowing he’s in the hands of professionals he can trust.