Inherited Real Estate

MSC Advisors


When a man in Ohio inherited his deceased father’s home in Colorado, he had no idea what to do. Suddenly he owned this vacant, dilapidated house 1,200 miles away that needed a lot of work but he had no experience in real estate, no connections in Colorado and no time to drop everything in his life in to deal with any of it. And even if he did have the time, he didn’t know what he should do: Rent it? Sell it? It was all overwhelming.


He called MSC and we immediately helped him think through his newfound problem. We began by sharing the pros and cons of renting versus selling—an important task that would lead him toward making the best decision for him and his circumstances. After our initial meeting, he opted for renting the home and we drew up a plan to convert the house into a money-maker. We remodeled it, marketed it, screened applicants, executed a lease and successfully rented it—all in a few weeks.

He was so pleased, he then hired MSC to manage the property: collecting the monthly rent, handling any and all maintenance and repairs and taking care of any other issues that arise.

He didn’t have to do a thing except enjoy his peace of mind and, of course, check his bank account once a month for his rental proceeds.

It’s a perfect example that illustrates what MSC is: A local, trusted, experienced and skilled group of professionals who know how to make life easier for their clients.