Buying & Selling

MSC Advisors


About 5 years ago, a young couple settled in north Denver as newlyweds and began building their new life together, along the way, adding three beautiful children. But before long, both parents ended up in jobs with two-hour commutes. Eventually it became too much. They knew they couldn’t keep up the commute and keep their sanity. They needed to sell their home and find a new one closer to work—soon.

To complicate matters, this was all happening in a market where the inventory of homes was low: Houses were selling quickly and for top dollar. As sellers, that was a great position for the family, but on the buying side, not so much. They needed to find the right property, in the perfect location and in their price range—a tricky challenge. What’s more, it all needed to be timed perfectly because they needed to sell first so they could use the equity to buy their new home.


The family approached MSC for help. And that’s exactly what we did—starting with listing their home, which immediately brought in multiple and competing offers. At the same, MSC found a great home for the family—one that not only fit their price range, but also met all of their other needs, including a move-in date that worked perfectly.

What’s more, MSC narrowed down a buyer for the family’s home—a buyer who needed to sell their home to leverage the equity to buy.

So the stage was set: MSC’s family was under contract on their new house, contingent on the sale of their current home. MSC’s buyer was in the same boat. If everything didn’t happen exactly as it needed to, three different parties would be deeply disappointed and find themselves back at square one. Just one hiccup and everything could have fallen like a house of cards.

But it all worked out—especially for our family. Because of MSC’s skilled negotiating, the family got their asking price for their old home and they were able to buy their new house for less than the asking price. How? The sellers said they accepted the lower offer based on MSC’s due diligence, research, and our asking the right questions.

It all comes down what MSC learned early on: that cooperation, constant communication, due diligence, and finding fast solutions to potential deal-ending issues are the foundation to success in real estate. It’s how we do our business every day for every client.