Client Profiles


Recently, MSC had the pleasure of working with an amazing family. They had moved to the north Denver Metro area five years earlier as newlyweds, and began building their new life together. Over the course of that time, they had three beautiful children, the youngest of which was six weeks old. The husband and wife worked in the city and had family in the area that cared for the kids. The two-hour commute eventually became too much of a burden and they needed to sell their home, find a new one, and get moved before the end of the year. At the time, inventory was low and homes were selling very quickly, for top dollar. This was a great position for them to be in as sellers, but not ideal for buying a new home. Finding the right property, in the perfect location, in their price range, could be a challenge. Things also needed to be timed perfectly as they needed to sell first to use the equity to purchase the new home.  

Their home went on the market and we immediately received multiple competing offers. These offers were from buyers that also needed to leverage the equity from their sale to purchase a new home.  

We found a great home that was in their price range and met all of their needs. We were able accommodate a move-in date that worked. MSC was also able to negotiate the purchase where our clients offered less than asking price, and the sellers accepted based on due diligence, research, and MSC asking the right questions.  

We were now in a situation with multiple layers of complications. We had a buyer for their home that was contingent on the sale of their current property, and our sellers were under contract on their new house, contingent on the sale of their current home. If everything did not happen exactly as it needed to, it would be a snowball effect on three different parties as they were all dependent on the other. One hiccup would essentially terminate all three deals.  

Cooperation, constant communication, due diligence, and the ability to anticipate and find solutions quickly to potential issues was imperative to the successful closing of these transactions. All three deals closed smoothly, on time, and our clients received above asking price on the sale of their home while purchasing their new property for below market value.